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Authorisation: Without Bank Accounts With Bank Accounts FCA Fees (£)
Crypto Asset Small Firms (Income Upto £250,000) £11,500.00 Request a Quote £2,000
Crypto Asset Large Firms (Income Above £250,000) £21,500.00 Request a Quote £10,000
Authorised E-Money £12,500.00 Request a Quote £5,000
Small Emoney £10,500.00 Request a Quote £1,000
Authrorised Payment Institutions £10,500.00 Request a Quote £1,500
Small Payment Institutions £5,000.00 Request a Quote £500
Consumer Credit :
Full Permission £6,500.00 Request a Quote £1500-£5000
Limited Permission £4,500.00 Request a Quote £1,000
Other Firms :
Insurance Brokers £3,500.00 Request a Quote £500-£1500
Mortage Brokers £3,500.00 Request a Quote £500-£1500
MLR Registration Only
Bureau de Change £1,500.00 Request a Quote £550
Estate Agency £1,500.00 Request a Quote £550
High Value Dealers £1,500.00 Request a Quote £550
Policies and Procedures:
AML Policies and Procedures £600-1500
Risk Assessment £600-1500
Any Other Policies £600-1500
Compliance Audit
Authorised E-Money £2500
Small Emoney £2000
Authrorised Payment Institutions £2500
Small Payment Institutions £1500
Consumer Credit Firms £2500
Compliance Training
AML/CFT/Financial Crime Prevention
1 Day Workshop £100/Per Person Min 5 Person
Compliance Advisory:
Ad Hoc Basis/Any Topics £60/Per Hour Min 4 Hours
Other Services:
Passporting to Europe £1500/Per Country Any Country
Gabriel Return/Other FCA Return £250/Per Return 1 Day Notice Required
HMRC Investigation Face/Represetation £500 Per Visit 2 Days Notice Required
NCA Investigation Assistance £100/Per Hour 2 Days Notice Required

Rest Services: Please ask for a quotation

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