Regional and Global Business setup

If you are setting up a new business or you expanding an existing business to a new market, you need a comprehensive plan that is equally coordinated, implemented and monitored. You need to ensure your resources are deployed in the right place, you are receiving the best value of your money, you recruiting right people and they are ready to serve your customers demand and your business is compliant with all applicable regulations. A lot of jobs needs to be done at the same time with someone who can ensure he gets the job done the first time with no room for mistakes.
Acumen business development team are trained and experienced to set up your business and you can trust us.
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EU MSB setup

If you are considering opening a new Money Service Business (MSB) or expanding your existing MSB to any European country, we can set up your business for you.
Our expert business developers have immense knowledge of EU MSB Regulations and they are the right people to do your job.
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EU Bank account opening

MSB is most vulnerable to worldwide money laundering and terrorist financing. It is one of the reasons the bank are very reluctant to offer bank accounts to any money service business. To obtain a bank account you need to fulfill huge criteria of banks and frankly, most small MSB just can’t do it.
If you need a bank account for your MSB, our experienced advisers can guide you towards getting a bank account.
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International Bank account opening

Due to the high inherent risks of money laundering and terrorist financing, global banks have put very stringent regulations to provide banking services to MSB. Often it is a very lengthy and strenuous process one has to go through to obtain an international bank account for their MSB.
Our business development team are experienced in providing assistance to open an international bank account for your MSB.
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