○ Value creation: Every business has unique ways of pursuing growth and enhancing business value. Companies that are able to pivot/ diversify into different industries are able to not just sustain and survive but also grow, become profitable and have a greater market share. We can help your business create value and drive growth through bespoke advisory, consultations, tax etc.

○ Acquisitions: We have legal professionals who deal with acquisitions and mergers and can assist with strategic planning, due diligence, deal structuring, corporate finance, transaction services. We can ensure bespoke and tailored services are provided as per the requirements of your company as efficiently as possible.

○ Divestitures: This refers to selling off assets, divisions or business units of a company. We offer advisory services in relation to divestitures to assist clients plan strategically and optimize divestiture transactions. These services typically include conducting financial and operational due diligence, identifying potential buyers, managing negotiations and many as such. This will assist businesses to maximize value, minimize risk and help grow value.

○ Deal strategy: This allows businesses to achieve their strategic objectives and assist in making a data- driven decision. Services include assessing market opportunities, conducting due diligence, negotiations and providing all over support in the transaction lifecycle. This will further help businesses to figure out complex transactions and run as efficiently as possible.

○ Restructuring and crisis: Our team of experts will look at your businesses requirements, support in times of insolvency, operational restructuring and provide tailored solutions in periods of uncertainty. The goal of this is to help businesses in stabilizing operations and handle stressed situations with ease.

○ Joint ventures and alliances: Joint ventures and Strategic Alliances are a great way to strengthen the core of your business. This helps navigating partnerships efficiently. We can help evaluate potential partners, structuring joint ventures, negotiating agreements and maximize business value through strategic partnerships.

○ Corporate finance: Services in the corporate finance spectrum include mergers and acquisitions advisory, debt advisory, transaction support and many more. These services when delivered efficiently and effectively will drive value for clients.