Legal Services

○ Employment Law: We can support businesses in figuring out complex legal matters related to employment laws including compliance with relevant employment laws including wage regulations, workplace safety, we can also draft and review employment contracts and advise according to the needs of the employees/ employer. We can also assist in developing employee handbooks, policies to ensure compliance with industry standards and provide guidance on HR practices.

○ Boardroom/shareholder disputes: This service involves guidance to businesses who are facing issues relating to management decisions, shareholder rights etc. We can help resolve this by conducting an analysis of the issues that may be causing disputes, assess the risks associated with the dispute, review corporate governance documents and articles of incorporation to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

○ Corporate disputes: Resolving corporate disputes includes providing assistance to businesses who face disputes in relation to business operations, commercial transactions and corporate governance. We can also assist in resolving disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), address conflicts relating to corporate governance, compliance with corporate regulations etc.

○ Enquiry management: Through enquiry management we assist businesses in handling inquiries, investigations and audits from regulatory bodies, providing legal support during audits, handling litigation matters or compliance reviews. Our team of experts will closely handle this to resolve legal disputes effectively.

○ HMRC Administrative Powers: It is crucial to understand the powers and procedures of HMRC to avoid penalties or prosecutions. This is why we can assist businesses in HMRC investigations, audits, inquiries, penalties, disputes and dispute resolution procedures etc. We ensure businesses comply with necessary laws and regulations to achieve the best outcomes.

○ Escalation / ADR: Assisting in resolving disputes in a non- litigious manner includes negotiation, mediation and other means of settlement outside the courtroom. We can assist businesses identify which option suits your business the best, is the most timely and cost effective while minimizing the risks.