Financial Accounts

○ Book-Keeping & Annual Accounts: To stay updated with the contemporary world, it is vital to ensure that accounting treatments are accurate and financial statements adhere to accounting regulations. Our accountants are up to date with new accounting standards and policies which affect financial statements. We verify to check every transaction is correctly documented so there is no room for error while Annual Accounts are produced. We use HMRC approved softwares including Quickbooks, Xero and VT Transaction. Another important aspect of our accounting service includes book-keeping reconciliation which involves verifying financial transactions against source documents such as bank statements or invoices from vendors. This helps to avoid discrepancies in accounting records and minimizing the risk of misstatements in financial statements.

Accounting Compliance: Accounting compliance services are offered in order to ensure that businesses comply with regulations. It includes services such as preparation of annual accounts in time and in accordance with IFRS, relevant laws, regulations and other regulatory requirements set by governing bodies. Our Accounting compliance service helps detangle the complexity of organizations by using innovative ideas and advanced technology. This further ensures transparency and reliability in the financial reporting process which is crucial for stakeholders.

○ IFRS Reporting and UK GAAP: IFRS reporting and UK GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) are frameworks for financial reporting. We provide assistance with IFRS Reporting and UK GAAP to make your business compliant, make decision making and financial analysis easier. The IFRS and UK GAAP assists in generating financial statements which are tailored to the specific needs of your organization. We further ensure the financial reports are prepared in accordance with relevant accounting standards. This helps clients to navigate the complexities of accounting standards, optimize financial reporting processes and ensure they are compliant with all regulatory requirements.

○ Accounting projects: Accounting projects at ACUMEN includes a wide range of services including the preparation of accurate and compliant financial statements, tax planning and compliance in order to minimize tax burdens through strategic tax planning, complying with tax laws and filing tax returns. We can also evaluate your internal control system to reduce the risk of fraud and inaccuracies. We also assist businesses with strategic business planning, long term financial planning and implementation of new accounting standards such as (IFRS 15: Lease) in order to minimize disruptions to business operations. We also assess and manage financial and operational risks faced by clients.

○ Management Accounts: This service involves offering financial information and analysis to help make informed decisions. We also handle and oversee various financial activities on behalf of clients including bookkeeping, accounts payable, receivable management, payroll processing, financial reporting, tax preparation and compliance with accounting standards and regulatory requirements. This service will help your business maintain accurate financial records, ensure compliance with legal requirements and further make well informed financial decisions. This way we can also assess the financial health of your business and assist in improving profitability.

○ Business Plan and Sales Forecast: Business Plan and Sales forecast services involve predicting future sales revenue based on factors such as past data, market trends, industry analysis and other such factors. This helps the business plan their operations, allocate resources efficiently, set realistic targets and hence make informed decisions. Various techniques such as quantitative analysis and statistical modeling are used to make sales forecasts tailored to your business needs. We also provide ongoing monitoring and adjustment of forecasts to reflect changing market conditions.