Payroll and RTI Return

Payroll Due Diligence: This involves thorough examination and verification of payroll records and compliance with regulations to ensure accuracy and efficiency. This includes reviewing payroll taxes and employee benefits. This will help your business identify potential risks, ensure your business is compliant and overall improve the payroll management of your business.

Remediation: Remediation services involve addressing and solving issues found during due diligence or compliance reviews. This also includes correcting errors in financial statements, implementing new IFRS, resolving discrepancies in tax filing, implementing compliance with regulations and even training staff to learn the most up to date accounting and compliance principles.

Emergency support: We can provide immediate assistance to clients who face issues with accounting or taxes. This could include any unexpected financial discrepancies and other situations requiring immediate attention.

Training: We can educate and train staff in regards to payroll processing, management and compliance. This includes training to teach payroll software such as: moneysoft or payroll manager software. We can also teach tax regulations, accurate calculations of salaries/ wages, compliance with labor laws, holiday pays, pension enrolments etc. This will enable staff to manage payroll functions, reduce the scope of inaccuracies and overall improve efficiency in payroll processing.

Dispute resolution: This service involves handling conflicts, disagreements and financial disputes such as disagreements over financial statements, tax liabilities etc. We have professionals who can advise you on resolving such disputes efficiently and effectively.

Employee benefits: We can help your business navigate employee benefits and ensure regulatory compliance with tax laws, provide consultation on business planning and offer support with administration and reporting related to employee benefits. ■ Compliance outsourcing: This service involves delegating compliance related tasks and responsibilities to an external service provider. A wide range of choices will be available to pick from who will cater to your bespoke requirements after doing a regulatory and risk assessment of your business.

PSA automation: Professional Service Automation (PSA) is a system used to streamline processes such as billing, invoicing etc. It will help increase efficiency of workflow, reduce manual tasks, minimize errors, improve project management and hence enhance the overall productivity of your business. We have sophisticated software dedicated to the specific needs of your business and provide training and support staff in using this system.

P11D services: P11D is used to report and declare certain taxable benefits and expenses provided to employees and directors by their employers. This involves assistance to clients in completing and submitting the form to P11D. We can help with expenses and benefits including company cars, health insurance and other perks. We help clients accurately report these expenses and benefits on the P11D forms to ensure compliance with tax regulations.

National Minimum Wage (NMW): The NMW ensures employers comply with legal requirements set by the government. The employer must pay their employees at least the minimum wage according to their age bracket and employment status. We also offer services related to advising businesses on NMW compliance, helping them understand their wage calculations and meet legal requirements to avoid penalties or issues related to underpayment of wages.

Holiday Pay: We can advise on statutory holiday entitlements for employees such as calculating the minimum holidays employees are entitled taking into account factors such as overtime, regular pay etc. and any other additional holidays that the employer provides. We also advise businesses on compliance such as Working Time Regulations, which is the governing body for holidays and payments in the UK.

Gender Pay: While going through with our payroll services, we take into consideration a vital aspect which is gender pay. We can train employees to best practice for promoting gender equality at the workplace. This will help your company fulfill the legal obligations regarding biased pay.

Governance in the supply chain: This service involves overseeing and managing the supply chain process in relation to the operations of the business. We can help with policy development including Anti- Money Laundering (AML) policy. We can also assist with risk assessment and identify areas of non-compliance, supplier financial stability, quality assurance etc. We will also ensure you are compliant with laws and regulations relating to supply chain management such as anti- corruption laws, labor laws etc.

Producing P60: P60 is a form provided by employers to their employees at the end of each tax year. This summarizes an employee’s total earnings and the amount of tax deducted throughout the year. We can prepare, issue and distribute P60 forms to your employees ensuring accuracy and compliance with tax regulations. This will help your business keep up-to-date and accurate records of income and tax payments for filing of taxes in the future.

Producing P45: A P45 form is one which is issued by the employer to employees when they leave the job. It involves handling paperwork relating to the termination of an employee. A P45 form includes information on the employees earnings as well as the tax deducted during the period of employment. We can assist employers in accurately issuing P45 forms to leaving employees. We also ensure that the correct tax code is applied on the P45. We can also advise your business on the implications of leaving a job and the tax obligations associated with the termination of employment.

HMRC PAYE Gateway Administration: This refers to managing the online portal provided by HMRC for employers to navigate their PAYE (Pay As You Earn) system. The PAYE Gateway allows employers to perform various tasks relating to the employees income tax and national insurance contributions including submitting payroll information, managing employee records, making payments etc. We can help set up your government gateway ID as it is crucial for ensuring compliance with tax regulations and fulfilling employers tasks related to payroll.