Secretarial Services

○ Company Formation: This service involves assisting individuals or businesses in setting up new companies or other legal entities. We have advisors and consultants who can advise on legal structures for the business taking into accounts factors such as taxes, compliance and liabilities.

○ Company Name Availability Check: This service is also a part of the company formation offering. We have initial consultation services whereby we sit with clients to understand their business needs and go in with the desired name for the new company. We do this by conducting a thorough search to check the availability of the company name proposed. Companies House is one of the databases whereby company names can be searched to ensure the name is not taken up.

○ Company Name Change: This service is provided to businesses to assist in updating their legal name. This is done via multiple steps including consultation, name availability check, document preparation, filing process etc. There are a few things to take into consideration such as if the new name complies with legal and regulatory requirements, if the proposed name is available to be used etc.

○ Registered Office Support: Registered office support services involve assisting clients related to mail handling where mails are received at their registered address. Registered office support services as a secretarial service helps businesses maintain compliance with legal requirements and ensure efficient handling of administrative tasks related to the registered office address.

○ Company Address & Directors Details Change: When a company director requires to change its director details, we can assist with this process. We can consult to understand the requirement and reason for the director’s details change and ensure compliance with legal requirements. We can also guide on the compliance requirements associated with changing director details.

○ Director’s Appointment and Terminations: If a company requires to hire or fire a director, we can assist with this process. In the process of appointing or terminating a director we can get documentation consent forms, companies house forms etc ready to make the procedure straightforward. We will communicate with the clients at each step to ensure the transition is a smooth one and there is minimal disruption to operations.

○ Confirmations Statements: Confirmation statements are a requirement for all UK companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP’s) under the Companies Act 2006. We can help file a confirmation statement at least once every 12 months. We are also updated with the deadline for this submission. Failure to file this statement on time can result in penalties. We will ensure the filing is as accurate as possible to avoid penalties.

○ Share Transfer and Stamp Duty: This service offer relates to share transfers and stamp duties to assist clients with compliance and administrative tasks. We can assist clients in maintaining accurate records of share transfers, stamp duty payments and other relevant information for tax and regulatory purposes.

○ Certifications of Documents: Certification of documents is provided to authenticate the validity of certain documents. The documents are reviewed to ensure they are complete, accurate and authentic. Documents that may be subject to certification may be passports, driving licenses and more such legal documents. Certification of documents provides assurance to third parties that the documents are reliable.

○ Accountants Reference Letter: We can issue accountants reference letters on behalf of our clients for providing a professional recommendation. This letter is issued when requested by clients to provide details on credibility or reliability to lenders, suppliers, other professional business partners etc. This letter includes information about the client’s financial standing, and other details that proves the clients creditworthiness and trustworthiness.

○ Mortgage Certifications: Mortgage certification service involves providing financial verification and documentation to support mortgage applications for individuals or businesses. We do this by verifying financial information, preparing and certifying the accuracy and completeness of the financial statements for mortgage lenders ensuring compliance with lender requirements.

○ High Net Worth Certifications: This is a process through which individuals are verified and certified as having a high net worth by professional advisors. This certification can be issued by us and is required by individuals seeking certain financial products or services. This certification is issued to clients who have a minimum level of financial assets, income or investments.