If you are required to submit a self-assessment return we can prepare and submit it on your behalf. We understand the self-assessment return could be the cause of high concern for some people and you may wish to pass the responsibility of submitting the Return on us and you can concentrate on other works which may be more important to you. We will ensure we file accurate information about your income and expenses within a given time frame and you are only liable for a right and fair amount of tax. Just give us a phone call so we can start working on your SA Return.

Our self-Employment service covers all your accounting needs from bookkeeping, payroll, VAT return, tax payment to business advice based on your performance. We have a dedicated accountant to your service to make you comfortable and to solve any issue that concerns you at a very competitive price. Please give us a call to go forward with your self –employment accounting package.
Our corporation tax return services can assist you in reducing your company tax bill at the same time being fully compliant with HMRC taxation rules. Our Corporate Taxation team will provide you with comprehensive tax planning including any tax relief scheme and tax efficient expenditure to give your business a competitive advantage over your competitors. Give us a call to arrange a free meeting to discuss your company’s taxation issues.
Inheritance Tax It is devastating when your loved one passed away. And it could come as further blow to you when you receive a tax bill on the estate you inherited. The rule says if an estate worth more than £325,000 the additional assets should be taxed at 40%. There are complex rules regulating this tax stream and we can help you to reduce your tax burden with careful tax planning.
The tax credit is designed to top up your earnings by an amount required to meet the living standard based on your circumstances. There are a few elements that make your complete package of a Tax credit. For instance, working tax credit, Child tax credit, etc. The tax credit system will be phased out gradually and will be replaced by Universal Credit. Please contact us if you need to discuss your tax credit.
If you are in a partnership business, you may be able to take advantage of some tax relief scheme which may bring down your tax burden significantly. Our expert tax advisors have years of experience in dealing with tax calculation in a partnership business and ready to look at your partnership tax. We also provide guidance on how you can protect your interest in a partnership in the foreseeable future.
If you are involved in a disposals or transfer of any assets such as shares, property and high-value items you are obliged to pay tax on any gains you make. Capital gains tax can sometimes be very hefty and it may discourage people to dispose of the assets. However, we reduce or mitigate your capital gain tax through careful tax planning. Please feel free to contact us if you require any more information on this matter.