Tax Investigations and Appeals

■ Tax dispute prevention techniques: This service enables businesses to comply with tax laws and regulations while minimizing the risk of disputes through tax planning, compliance reviews, education and training of staff, maintaining accurate documentation of financial transactions etc.

■ Tax audit management practices: This service allows businesses to avoid negative impacts of tax audits. This is done by maintaining comprehensive documentation supporting tax filing, financial records, receipts, payments etc. We can also assist in internal reviews such as ensuring accuracy and completeness and compliance with regulatory requirements.

■ Strategic planning of tax audits and disputes: We can assist in developing strategies to help businesses reduce the chances of tax audits and disputes through risk assessments- identifying potential areas of risks, tax compliance reviews, tax planning and strategy, documentation and recordkeeping of financial transactions and tax related activities.

■ Tax dispute resolution alternatives: This service involves providing businesses options to resolve disputes outside litigations and formal audits. This may include negotiations between clients and tax authorities to resolve disputes mutually and come to a common agreement. This is also a cheaper alternative for formal dispute resolution- audits. Other ways of resolving disputes outside formal audits include installment agreements, offer in compromise programs etc.

■ Tax risk management, analysis and disclosure: This service involves identifying, assessing and mitigating tax related risks which can be done through risk assessments, risk analysis, compliance reviews, tax disclosures, maintaining documentation to support compliance efforts, tax planning strategies, training and education of staff.