Business Restructuring

○ Debt and capital advisory: This service includes our debt and capital advisory specialists in providing financing needs and capital structure optimisation. It includes debt advising options with bank loans, mortgages, bonds, equity financing, and overall capital allocation strategies to help businesses achieve their financial goals.

○ Improving your working capital: It is essential to understand the balance between a company’s short term assets and liabilities to enhance liquidity, efficiency and overall financial performance. This includes best practices in inventory management, negotiating terms with suppliers, optimizing credit collection period etc. Our team focuses on improving working capital management, increasing cash flow and all this is monitored by sophisticated technology and software that drive better outcomes.

○ Insolvency and Liquidation: We can assist businesses facing financial challenges or insolvency situations. Our advising team works closely with creditors, stakeholders to assess the financial position of a business, explore restructuring options and advise accordingly.

○ Insurance and legacy solutions: We can assist insurance companies and other financial institutions to manage legacy portfolios and address issues relating to legacy, understand their challenges to provide unique and tailored solutions, add value to the business, reduce risk and enhance operational efficiency.

○ Leading the restructuring: This service provides advisory services to businesses facing structural obstacles. Our team of experts work closely with businesses to assess their financial position, assist with debt advisory, insolvency support and crisis management. We provide tailored strategic advice to guide businesses through the restructuring process to achieve the desired results.

○ Mid-market restructuring: In situations of tight liquidity and companies facing financial challenges, we can assist in optimizing performance and driving growth through services such as restructuring debt, operational improvements, assessing business viability, strategic planning to assist businesses to remake decisions for the better and cause better outcomes while complying with regulatory requirements.

○ Pensions: Providing pension advisory assistance to secure your future. We can help manage your pension schemes, provide compliance support, risk management and ensure longer term security of pension arrangements. We will provide bespoke and realistic advice which are also relevant to your current and future needs.

○ Rationalizing your corporate structure: We work towards delivering a corporate structure that meets your business requirements. Services include portfolio analysis, tax optimisation, regulatory compliance, legal entity specification and many more as such. These will help to align their corporate structure with company goals and help create and maximize value.

○ Reducing costs rapidly: Helping companies reduce costs rapidly involves us providing tailored solutions such as technology implementation, process efficiency improvements, supply chain management, workforce restructuring etc. We can assist in identifying cost saving and cost reducing opportunities for your business to achieve desired results.