Corporation Tax Returns

■ Corporate Tax Compliance: This service involves us assisting our clients to meet their tax obligations, including preparing and filing corporate tax returns, ensuring compliance with tax requirements and finding tax saving opportunities. This helps clients fulfill their tax responsibilities while complying with the laws. We therefore provide an effective means of managing the corporate tax compliance load and fulfill obligations in meeting a wide range of company tax compliance requirements.

■ Corporate Tax Accounting: This service involves assisting businesses with tax compliance, tax planning and tax optimisation. It also involves preparing corporate tax returns, ensuring the business is compliant with tax laws and regulations, including identifying tax saving opportunities and advising on reduction of tax liabilities to corporate clients.

■ Tax Consolidations: Tax consolidation service involves assisting a company group in consolidating their tax affairs in order to file a single tax return. It further includes understanding the tax implications of a group of companies, ensuring compliance with tax laws and also advising the conglomerate in order to enjoy reduced tax liabilities. We can provide full support in relation to consolidated taxes.

■ The Future of Compliance: We use sophisticated and up to date softwares in order to streamline compliance processes, improve accuracy of the work provided and reduce manual workload to ensure no room for error. In order to get on with the evolution of regulations and standards, compliance services are taught through effective training to ensure your business stays ahead of changes and provide value added services.