Case Study: 01

Kitakami Limited- A Successful Authorised Emoney Application with FCA

The director of Kitakami Limited Mr. Eng Hock OOI has approached us to apply for Authorised E-Money applications with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We have quoted our price and agreed on the prices and we have explained our scope of work and laid down the terms and conditions. Mr. Eng Hock OOI has agreed with Acumen to proceed with the project. We have taken 4 weeks to prepare the policies and procedures along with the business plan, projection. We have sent all documents to the client for approval and eventually, we have submitted the application following FCA fees. We have received acknowledgment and several emails on the business case and for further clarification from FCA case officer. We have delivered the response within stipulated time and Mr. Eng Hock OOI was really cooperative in the whole applications process. Finally, we have reached at the end of the approval process and FCA called us (Acumen) to inform that Kitakami Ltd has been approved for Authorised Emoney. `