A business plan is a comprehensive plan to help you develop, grow and manage your business going forward. A detail business plan includes your existing and future business performance in a current and projected economic environment. A plan also envisaged which strategic direction your company will move going forward. Having a structured set of objectives will help you develop your business as you will know exactly where you want your business to be. Business plans are also important to secure any prospective funding. Any prospective lender would love to see what your strategies for the future and if they are investing in a strong project. At Acumen Group, we can assist you with preparing a comprehensive business plan that will allow you to benchmark your business performance and can serve other purposes.

Cash flow statement gives information about your company’s cash position. There are two types of cash flow statement.
  1. Historical Cash flow statement.
  2. Prospective cash flow statement.
If your company is stock exchange listed then it is mandatory to submit an audited historical cash flow statement along with other sets of account. It shows how the cash position of your firm has changed in the past. It allows the stakeholder to make an informed decision. On the other hand, a prospective cash flow statement gives an indication of your firm’s cash position in the future. It is crucial for the management of a firm to produce PCF to run the financing function efficiently. Prospective investors often require cash flow statement as part of their investment appraisal. At Acumen Group, we can assist you in preparing a cash flow statement or perform an independent review (but not audit) of the cash flow statement.
Preparing a budget whether it is for a firm’s projected performance or for any special project requires information about changing economic conditions along with another analysis report. Our firms conduct various types of analysis report on a regular basis and knowledge from these reports gives us the advantage to prepare a realistic budget that could be feasible. And last but not least, you can avoid most of the hassle of preparing a budget and focus on your core activities. Give us a call to talk about any of your budget-related queries.