If your organisation is VAT Registered, you are required to submit a VAT Return every quarter even if you do not owe any money or not entitled to any refund from HMRC.

 We can ensure you always pay the right and fair amount of VAT on your operating activities and work out a rate that is appropriate of your circumstances and you do not end up paying more than you should. Please give us a call to arrange a meeting, so we can discuss your VAT Return further.

If you are involved in import and export activities across the national border, you expose yourself to a high regulatory compliance risk particularly if you start dealing with a new jurisdiction that you haven’t dealt before. It is always a good idea to seek expert advice on all regulations you have to be compliant with the cultural trading differences you may face and how it is going to affect your VAT Return in the UK and in abroad. Our expert advisors can give you details guidance on these matters. Please give us a buzz to discuss any of your concerns related to export and import.