Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, at Acumen, we do not force our clients to select a university that we have partnered with, whereas, we give you full freedom to pick any global university that you prefer, and we will take care of the rest.


Why Acumen?

Since our inception, we have successfully served hundreds of clients due to our strong focus in maintaining these four aspects which define our strengths over other agencies.


Our CEO is the only resource person for all educational consultancy needs and he is highly experienced.


We do not rely on affiliation with any educational institution, therefore we can provide unbiased advice.


Unlike other agencies, we do not charge exorbitant service fees, our service charges reflect our value proposition.


We have a team of advisors with reputed foreign degrees and vast experience of living abroad who will guide new students.

  • International Reputation

  • British higher education and qualifications have an impressive international reputation. The excellence of the teaching and research in British universities is acknowledged worldwide.
  • Cultural Diversity

  • The UK is a place of contrasts and culture and diversity is its greatest strength. The cultural diversity of life in British higher education is unrivaled
  • Faster Degrees

  • The UK offers 3-year Undergrad and 1-year Postgrad degrees allowing for faster progression to work, business and social life
  • Lower Cost of Tuition

  • Cost of tuition is lower compared to similar counterparts in North America in actual and total terms
Tuition fees for international students in the UK vary depending on university and degree. Lab-based courses tend to cost higher than regular taught programs. Given below is a general range of tuitions fees for different levels of study

  • Foundation – Starting from £12750
  • Undergraduate – Starting from £9750
  • Postgraduate – Starting from £9000
Living cost for international students in the UK depends on the place of study. Cost of living in a big city like London is higher compared to university towns. The UK government estimates per month living cost for students studying inside greater London to be £850 and outside of London to be £800.
  • Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunities:

    • The University of Nottingham offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Excellence Scholarship from £2500 up to £15000.
    • Queen Mary University of London
      • Law Undergraduate Bursary: £1000 – £4000
      • Business and Management Global Talent Scholarship: £4000
      • Queen Mary Global Excellence Scholarship: £3000
      • School of Economics and Finance Scholarship: £5000 (for the first year only)
University of Strathclyde: Strathclyde Business School Dean’s Excellence Award: £2000 Faculty of Science Undergraduate Elite Scholarships: £2000 per year BBA International Scholarship: £2000 per year (three years in total) The University of Glasgow offers Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship of £5000 per year Queen’s University Belfast Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship: Up to £10000 (for the first year only) International Office Undergraduate Scholarship: £2500 to £3000 Newcastle University London Offers Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarship of up to £3000 Country Scholarship: Up to £12000 Bangor University offers Up to £12000 Scholarship for International students Brunel University offers up to £6000 scholarships and 15% tuition discount for international students University of Essex International Baccalaureate Excellence Scholarship: £2000 Indian Sub-continent Regional Scholarship: £4000 (for the first year)
  • Postgraduate Scholarship options:

    • University of Nottingham:
    • Queen Mary University of London
      • Law Undergraduate Bursary: £1000 – £4000
      • Business and Management Global Talent Scholarship: £4000
      • Queen Mary Global Excellence Scholarship: £3000
      • School of Economics and Finance Scholarship: £5000 (for the first year only)
Developing solutions scholarships- 30 -100% scholarship available Nottingham University Business School Scholarship: 20 – 100% based on GPA Queen Mary University of London School of Economics and Finance Scholarships to outstanding applicants Engineering and Science Scholarship: £3000 for GPA 3 out of 4 Coventry University offers Academic Excellence Scholarships of up to £1500 University of Glasgow International Leadership Scholarship and Chancellor Scholarship up to £10000 Adam Smith Business School Scholarship up to £5000 University of York £10000 Scholarship Management School Scholarship:25% of tuition fees University of Reading Limited number of scholarships up to 100% University of Strathclyde of up to £7000 scholarship Queen’s University Belfast offers of up to 20% scholarship UWE Bristol offers up to 100% scholarships for the faculty of health and Applied Science The University of Westminster offers up to 100% scholarship based on strong academics. Applications to be done separately The University of Essex offers Academic Excellence Scholarship of GBP 5000 and GBP 4000 for Bangladeshi Students
Useful resources for information on Studying in the UK Commonwealth Scholarship – Chevening Scholarship – UCAS: Tier 4 Student Visa: VFS UK:,Descending British Council: UKBA: